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Welcome to our Live Feed. Blend Beauty Bar created this page to allow you to see the most recent post on both our Instagram and Facebook page. We would love for you to follow us on social media. We post content frequently and love showing off our customer results.

Instagram Live Feed

To see the Instagram feed you need to add your own API Token to the Instagram Options page of our plugin.
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Blend is working on adding additional live feeds in the future to bring you more great content. We feel its important for our customers to see what we do, the process, and the care we put into our work. Not only is examples of our work online, but if you come into the shop we can show you some very interesting work, pictures, production shoot, and many more one of a kind projects.

Here is our shop location incase you want to come by:

Live Feed

Blend Beauty Bar

3345 E Patrick Lane
Suite #110,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
Phone: 702-871-8663

You can always follow us directly:

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If you like anything on our live feed please let us know. Matching you with the same stylist can be done so you get the same great look. Our hairstylist is very skilled and has decades of experiance. Our makeup artist are very well known and have worked on large production projects. Both our Hair Stylist and Makeup artist are also mobile.

Yes, we are mobile! Let us come to you and save you time. No need to sit and watch a live feed when you can call us and have us at your home working on you. If you saw something you liked, let us know and we can prepare for that look. Although it may vary on each person, we focus on making you fit the look to perfection.

What makes you, well you? Love your self and enjoy all that life brings. Let us be that bright light that makes you a better you, and shine. We hope you enjoy our live feed.