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It’s that time of the year again! The time when we all break out our home remedies, take extra vitamins and sanitize everything we touch. All in an attempt to stave off the dreaded cold, flu and cough season. In a city like Las Vegas where we have millions of people coming in and out of this city on any given day. I can attest as a working makeup artist near the airport, Staying healthy is a priority!  

Now, of course, there are some common-sense practices we can all do to keep ourselves and others safe, such as eating a healthy diet. Avoiding tobacco use publicly, (if you wanna smoke please keep it to yourself). Washing our hands regularly! Keep washing in mind as we travel near airports and hotels, essentially any public place. Getting regular sleep and drinking plenty of fluids.  For some of us this is plenty to keep healthy but for those that need more specific guidance on keeping a healthy lifestyle, here are some helpful tips!  

Fish Oil- Vitamin D-and Probiotics-Magnesium

These are all incredibly useful supplements when it comes to maintaining basic immune function.  It is true that stress weakens our immune system. That is why mindfulness and stress management is key to all health. Another way to regulate stress is by taking a magnesium supplement.  Be sure when purchasing supplements they are of “Pharmaceutical Grade”.  This ensures the product has met a set of standards set by the USP( United States Pharmacopeia)  

Supplements for Makeup Artist Near the Airport


Mushrooms have an amazing effect on the immune system!  There have many been long days traveling as a makeup artist, near the airport I can always count on delish Ramen or Pho I request extra Mushrooms and spices on those days I feel a little worn out, it’s no surprise this those extra mushroom make all the difference!  Packed with antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-allergic properties, it also carries Potassium and Vitamin D!  Magic Mushroom indeed!

makeup artist near the airport

Manuka Honey 

We all have used honey in some capacity for its health benefits.  It may have first been introduced by a mother or grandmother as a way to soothe a sore throat, but did you know that Manuka Honey contains an anti-inflammatory agent that strengthens cells?  Honey is an easy sweet medicine to incorporate into everyday meals,  I prefer to sugar in my coffee and teas. We are your local makeup artist near the airport so please feel free to contact us on questions about Manuka Honey.

Herbal Tea

Speaking of teas… I can not go one day without tea!  It’s true I’m a bit of a junkie,  but in my defense, I come from a long line of tea fanatics and perhaps to our benefit. Herbal teas have been around for centuries said to be able to cure just about anything.  One reason might be for its quick delivery of herbs into the bloodstream. Once herbs are boiled in water and ingested they quickly absorb and their benefits can be felt almost immediately.  They can quickly flush out toxins and strengthen your cell’s ability to fight free radicals. Herbal tea is always available at the airport as well.

Supplements Continued.

Essential Oils
There’s a lot to understand when using essential oils.  They sometimes get a bad rep for being some hippie remedy for everything.  If you do take time to understand them and how to effectively use them in your world, you will find they can replace many chemicals that are just not needed in your house.  Organic Essential Oils work to support the immune system function by fighting off external pathogens, decongesting airways, draining excess fluid build up in tissue and cleansing the air of airborne bacteria. So remember us if you need makeup artist near the airport.

When you inhale essential oils you ingest microparticles that enter your sinus, down your trachea and into the lungs where they eventually hit your bloodstream and into the endocrine system, lymphatic and organs,  lastly the pass through the liver and kidney, all the while helping your body rid itself of bacteria and viruses. Finding high quality pure essential oil is important,  my go-to has always been Doterra, (my.doterra.com/blendbeautybar).  They make great little roll-ons of essential oils.  I love having them in my makeup kit.  If you see this makeup artist near the airport or around Las Vegas say Hi! I’m always happy to share my knowledge.

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