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Sunscreens, we are told it’s necessary and needed when spending any time in the sun.  We go to our drugstore or market and find the section that sells sunscreen. Only to be overwhelmed by the choices. As many of us do, we go with familiar choices, but do you understand how it works? As well the difference in all those choices in front of you?  Don’t get embarrassed, you are not alone. Many of us how no idea what the difference between Mineral, Physical and Chemical Sunscreen. Most of us did not even know there was a difference.

Worry not, we are here to help explain the difference in sunscreen and what the best option.

Mineral Sunscreen typically consists of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.  These are the most trusted active ingredients, and both are natural minerals that reflect UV Rays. These are effective for sensitive skin because their ingredients are not absorbed into the skin itself. Instead, the physical filters in Mineral sit on the surface of the skin and act as a screen that deflects UV Radiation.


When does Sunscreen go into effect?

Mineral Sunscreens are also effective immediately. You have all read the rules about waiting 20 min after applying before headed out into the sun?  Well, that not needed with Mineral Sunscreen. Minerals are effective immediately and they don’t break down in the sun like chemical products will do.

Mineral products also protect Broad Spectrum Rays.  Until recently most only protected from UVB Rays (the type that burns). Now we know that broad-spectrum protection, covering UVA (aging and damaging rays) are important too. 

Mineral and Physical sunscreens are also safe for Coral Reefs. Studies have shown chemical sun products like octinoxate and oxybenzone are damaging coral reefs, in fact, researchers estimate that 4000-6000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers and snorkelers into coral reef environments, and that up to 10% of the world’s Reef are at risk for bleaching due to sunscreen runoff.  Zinc Oxide and titanium dioxide come from the earth and are safe for reefs.

Many Chemical sunscreens are linked to health issues from allergies and skin reaction and there is an increased risk of infertility and cancer. Chemical screens absorb into the skin and bloodstream.  Not to mention how unsafe for our environment chemical sunscreens can be.

We carry all Physical and Mineral Sunscreens at Blend Beauty Bar. Read your packages carefully when shopping, most physical and mineral screens are labeled as such!  Stay Safe and Healthy!

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